Experience Points (XP) are a numerical quantity that dictates a player's level and one's progress in that level.

The experience system Crysis 2 gives the player for many different factors involving the kill such as:

  • First Strike! - Get the opening (first) kill +50
  • Smackdown! - Kill an enemy with a melee attack +50
  • Punture! - Kill an enemy through an object +50
  • Headshot! - Kill an enemy in the head +50
  • Busted! - Kill a cloaked enemy +50
  • Double Kill! - Kill two enemies one right after the other +50
  • Triple Kill!- Kill three enemies one right after the other +50
  • Combined Fire! - Kill an enemy with two guns +50
  • Intervention! - Kill an enemy that is shooting your teammate +50
  • Defiant! - Kill an enemy that is shooting you +50
  • Vengeance! - Kill the enemy that killed you +50
  • Dead Air! - Kill an enemy in mid-air +50
  • Specter! - Melee an enemy while cloaked +50
  • Flushed! - Hurt an enemy with a grenade and kill him +50

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