This guy maybe one of most prefect Ceph unit i ever met.

  • Pro is heavy armor-weapon, far range attack, extra strong, very smart. Heavy alway charge me even i swim under water or hide in building; always have first strike to me(Launch missile); even stay in vehicle like ICV i still losing him some time; heavy weapon still need many shot to take him out; melee is no effecty with him because him armor is super thick & his missile hand just like a shield, 1 punch make player heart critical in any difficult; kick car to him have low chance to damage him because him is "Tank of Ceph".
  • Cons is this guy very heavy so if i dont carry any heavy weapon i can run alway from him easily; cant jump so if i stay on high ground & shooting him with DSG-1 (Take about 6 bullet) can kill him 100%; because him alway chase player so make him easy to have some troll like fall to hole or cliff; he alway fast losing notice to player if player hide under water, low cliff so good strategy "playing" with him it shoot to the head & hide for a while!