Alienship and Warrior size comparison

Warrior and Alienship size comparision

Alienship and Warrior size comparison

The comparison between the Alienship and the Warrior (under the lower right horn of the ship).


  • The Alienship is the biggest artificial structure in Crysis and presumably on the Crysis Earth.

Top of Structure Size in Crysis Series:

  1. Alienship - Around 2-3 km high.
  2. Aircraft Carrier - 330m length
  3. Warrior - around 160 meters length

Crysis Warhead Boxart on Terrain

Crysis Warhead Terrain

Crysis Warhead Boxart on Terrain

Q:What happens if you add a image of the Crysis Warhead Boxart in the Heightmap box of the Sandbox Editor?

Crysis Warhead Boxart

A:You get what you see in the image.

Alien Mountain and Alienship size Comarison

Alien Mountain and Alienship Size comparison

The title says it all

This  is the Comparison between the Alien Mountain from Paradise Lost and full version of the Alienship.


  1. The Alienship is larger than ther Alien Mountain.

Sea Train

Sea Train Night

Sea Train

A real Sea-Train. Inspired by the Sea-Trains from One Piece.

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