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The United States of America, commonly known as America, the United States, USA, or U.S., is a federal constitutional country of fifty states in North America. The capital of the United States is Washington, D.C. In the Crysis series, the US government orders a large, multi-branch invasion force to the island to battle the North Koreans, but they quickly begin fighting for their lives against a massive Ceph army.

The US is represented by a number of branches on the island.


The United States was originally occupied by Native Americans until settlers from England arrived to the United States in the early 1600s and set up a colony under the control of England. In the 18th century, harsh conditions under the British monarchy caused the colonies to revolt against the British and this sparked the Revolutionary War. After years of conflict, the colonists won their independence from England and established the United States of America, a strong government, the Bill of Rights, and a strong Constitution. Over the years, the United States of America began territorial expansion, fought through multiple conflicts and issues, and became industrialized and modernized. By 1919, the United States became the most powerful nation on the planet.

Later, the United States established the United Nations, an organization of nations seeking worldwide peace, and NATO, an alliance of nations for a system of combined defense, and fought in multiple wars, such as the Cold War and World War II. Currently, they are fighting against the Ceph.

By 2047, the United States Government became highly influenced by C.E.L.L. to the point that it was nearly a puppet of the corporation. Top policy makers in Washington gave C.E.L.L. complete control over captured Ceph technology, an energy monopoly, and the construction of the NYC Liberty Dome. By 2047 it is mentioned that there are still divisions of states in America. It is unknown if there are C.E.L.L. debt camps in the United States considering the nation's dedication to democracy. It is likely that C.E.L.L. has come to dominate much of the sectors of the American economy and has established many military bases across the country, perhaps becoming as powerful as the U.S. Military, if not more so. New York State outside of the City is still habited by civilians. However, the power grids were said to be at risk due to a storm. Considering that infrastructure technology by 2047 will be much stronger, it is likely that the region's economy and standard of living has collapsed due to the isolation of New York city, as well as C.E.L.L.'s unyeilding comand over the area. The City shown oustide of Manhattan (Bronx, Brooklyn, Jersey City, Staten Island, and Queens) is shown to be abandoned as well. Several members of the resistance group against C.E.L.L. are former members of the U.S. and other allied militaries.

United States ArmyEdit


United States Army emblem.

Raptor Team, which consists of Nomad, Psycho, Prophet, Jester, and Aztec, is a special US Army Delta Force squadron sent to the island with nanosuits to retrieve Dr. Rosenthal's research team. Jester and Aztec are killed and Prophet is abducted by the Ceph, escapes, begins acting strangely, and returns to the island, leaving Nomad, Psycho, and Helena Rosenthal to return for him.

United States Air ForceEdit


United States Air Force emblem.

O'Neil was a USAF pilot that was originally a candidate for the Nanosuit program before a fatal accident involving a Code Blue discharged him from it. He provides support for Psycho in Call Me Ishmael and was shot down by North Korean fighter jets. The USAF flies a variety of aircraft including the A-10 Thunderbolt II, the C-18 Skylord and the F-35 Lightning. In Crysis 2, they are enforcing a no fly containment zone over New York City; shooting down any aircraft that might spread the Manhattan Virus.

United States Marine CorpsEdit

433px-USMC logo svg

USMC logo.

The marines invade the island on August 15, 2020, and are led on the ground by Major Strickland. Many marines were working their way up the mountain when the Ceph ship created the ice sphere, killing dozens. Many more marines were killed when evacuating the island, and those who were rescued are assumed to have been killed at the carrier fleet.

Alcatraz is a marine before he is given a nanosuit by Prophet.

United States NavyEdit


United States Navy emblem.

The navy is led by Admiral Richard Morrison, who commands the USS Constitution and two other carriers and six frigates. Commander Emerson is another high ranking navy member. The navy carrier fleet is completely destroyed by the Ceph.

Tara Strickland was a Navy SEAL before she supposedly went crazy after the death of her father and joined CELL. In reality, she was working as an undercover CIA agent trying to bring down Hargreave-Rasch Biomedical from within.

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