Crysis2 Threat Tracer
Threat Tracer
Armor Module
Unlocked at

100 Nano Catalyst (SP), Level 5 (MP)

Threat Tracer is a singleplayer and multiplayer Nanosuit (Visor in singleplayer) Armor Module that highlights the paths of incoming bullets.


The module allows the player to see bullet paths, which are highlighted in green. This can help you pinpoint lone enemies or snipers, although it can be confusing when facing a high number of enemies. In singleplayer it is located on the Index Finger (Visor Modules) in the Module section and costs 100 Nano Catalyst to unlock.
Threat Tracer Animated

Threat Tracer being used in Multiplayer.


  • Upgrade II - Highlights incoming grenades.
  • Upgrade III - Highlights nearby explosives.
    Threat Tracer Sp animated

    Threat Tracer being used in Singleplayer.

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