The Tech Scope is a new heat-seeking scope featured only in Crysis 3.The Tech Scope is a 1x zoom magnification scope with a thermal overlay. It provides enhanced optics for low visibility environments. The scope will easily spot other enemies/player's heat signature.


The thermal ability allows player to detect heat signature instead of actual view, make the player easier to detect enemies, even cloaked and/or in dark areas. It provides 2x zoom, which aiming at distance is easier than non-zoomed sights. Also, users aren't necessary to activate Nanovision while aiming with this scope, which save Nanosuit energy to other functions.


The scope has peripheral vision as low as Sniper Scope, make the user cannot detect view outside the scope. Thermal scope cannot distinguish other players (friendly and enemies has almost same signature).


  • The scopes thermal view is as same as Nanovision.

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