Tank (1)
TAC Cannon
Production information

US, KPA (in Multiplayer)


TAC Cannon


Nuclear Tank Cannon

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

Singleplayer: 1000; Multiplayer: 3000

Magazine Size

1 projectile

Maximum Ammunition

2 projectiles

Fire Mode

Single Projectile


Medium to High


Low to Very High

Ammunition specifications
Ammunition Type

TAC Projectile




Singularity Cannon






The TAC Cannon is a TAC Gun modified into a Tank Cannon.

Characteristics Edit

The design of the TAC Cannon slightly differs from the ordinary Tank Cannon. The TAC Cannon is virtually the most powerful weapon in the game and plays the most important role in Multiplayer games. The TAC Cannon is a base destroyer and must be acquired to destroy the enemy base.


The TAC Cannon can destroy several enemy tanks in a radius of around 200 meters and can be fired in a relatively close range, since the TAC Tank is very resilient to damage that would destroy a simple Tank in one shot. If shot on a Multiplayer Enemy Base, your team wins.


The TAC Cannon, despite being powerful, has only two projectiles(one loaded, one extra) per tank so it's devastating when the user misses the enemy base. Despite the TAC Tank being resilient to damage, it is not immune and a very close range shot will destroy the tank. Allies are not immune to the explosion as well, and if you shoot near them they will die. VTOL's if airborne and out of range can not be affected by the damage, leaving you in a sure-death situation. To counter this, teams must plan their attack accordingly to avoid friendly casualties, waste of resources and time.


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