Stealth Modules enhance a players stealth abilities such as suppressing the sounds of a players footsteps or enabling him to go under the radar.

Here are all the stealth modules that are available in Crysis 2.
  • Tracker being used in multiplayer.
  • Jammer being used in multiplayer.
  • Cover Ops being used in multiplayer.
  • Blind Spot being used in multiplayer.
  • Stealth Enhance being used in multiplayer.
  • Visor Enhance being used in multiplayer.
  • Cloak Tracker being used in multiplayer.


I. Faster transition in and out of Stealth mode

II. No shadow cast in Stealth mode

III. Reduces energy drain in Stealth mode

I. Reduces the sound of footsteps

II. Provides protection from the Ceph Airstrike bonus

III. Enemy footsteps are louder within range

I. Identifies when nearby enemies enter Stealth mode

II. Increase the visibility of cloaked enemies

III. Maximum visibility of cloaked enemies

I. Scrambles the radar of enemies within range

II. Provides protection against enemy Radar Jammer attacks

III. Scrambles the Radar of enemies within an increased range

I. Provides protection from enemy Maximum Radar bonus

II. Provides protection from enemy tagging

III. Become less visible to enemies in Nano Vision.

I. Highlights the footsteps of nearby enemies

II. Highlights enemy routes with direction

III. Highlights enemies routes with increased frequency

I. Highlights enemies through weapon scopes

II. Provides protection against flash bang grenades

III. Reduces energy cost of Nano Vision

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