Crysis3 reaper cannon
Reaper Cannon
Production information



Plasma Machine Gun

Technical specifications
Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode

Fully Automatic

Rate of Fire


Ammunition specifications
Ammunition Type

Plasma Bolts






The Reaper Cannon is a weapon featured in Crysis 3. It serves as an alien minigun, by shooting plasma bolts at a high rate of fire. Used by Devastators along with the X-PAC Mortar. The weapon reduces the players field of vision.

Specifics Edit

The weapon has 2 fire modes; the first being the aforementioned minigun-like firing mechanism, and the second being a shotgun-esque spread shot, similar to the Pinch Rifle.

As a minigun-type weapon, it has a 'spin-up' time, meaning the user will have to hold the trigger down for a moment before it actually starts firing. It has surprisingly good accuracy for a full-auto weapon.

In-Game Stats (Crysis 3)Edit

Accuracy: 2

Rate of Fire: 4

Mobility: 1

Damage: 6

Range: 6

Stability: 2


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