Power ModulesEdit

Power modules are modules that enhance your weapons, visor, mobility, and other, more tactical options unlike the stealth and armor modules in Crysis 2.

Here are all the power modules that are available in Crysis 2.


I. Allows an additional magazine of ammunition to be carried.

II. Allows an additional grenade or explosive to be carried.

III. Allows additional attachment ammunition to be carried.

I. Faster weapon reloading.

II. Faster aiming down the sights.

III. Faster switching between weapons.

I. Decreases weapon recoil when aiming down sights.

II. Reduces aim shake from explosions.

III. Increases mobility when aiming down sights.

I. Allows an additional primary weapon to be carried in place of a secondary.

II. Removes the weight penalty from weapon attachments.

III. Increases mobility speed when carrying heavy weapons.

I. Faster fire rate on primary weapons.

II. Faster fire rate on secondary weapons.

III. Faster fire rate on mounted weapons.

I. Reduces the spread of primary weapons fire when shooting from the hip.

II. Reduces the spread of secondary weapons fire when shooting from the hip.

III. Reduces the spread of mounted weapons fire when shooting from the hip.

I. Reduced energy drain from sprinting and jumping.

II. Increases ledge grab speed.

III. Faster firing after sprinting.

I. Automatically collect Dog Tags from killed enemies.

II. Support bonuses require one less Dog Tag to activate.

III. Support bonuses remain active for longer.

  • Retriever being used in multiplayer.
  • Aim Enhance being used in multiplayer.
  • Mobility Enhance being used in multiplayer.
  • Point Fire Enhance being used in multiplayer.
  • Rapid Fire being used in multiplayer.
  • Loadout Pro being used in multiplayer.
  • Weapon Pro being used in multiplayer.
  • Side Pack being used in multiplayer.

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