Caraga Region, Philippines


Plantation with lots of vegetation and objects

Vehicle Types Available:

Land (limited to lightly-armored vehicles)

Map type:

Power Struggle

Plantation is a multiplayer map featured in Crysis and Crysis Warhead.

In-game descriptionEdit

US and North Korean Special Forces teams have been ordered to secure a small area in the Philippines that has multiple confirmed alien crash sites. A small research dome has been constructed in the area and may be used to process alien energy for use against hostile forces.


Plantation has a large amount of vegetation and objects in the area and CQB occurs more frequently and intensely, making sniping much more difficult. The other places to snipe from are from the large slopes by the bunkers, the top of the Prototype Factory, and the top of the alien crash sites. Vehicles are less used in this map except for transportation.

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