Penn Depot

364px-Map penn depot.bmp
Crysis 3
Support Bonuses

Maximum Radar


Maximum Nanosuit

EMP Blast

Game Types
Team Instant Action

Penn Depot is a multiplayer map featured in Crysis 3.

Description Edit

Penn Depot is a long, medium-sized multiplayer map set in a rusted train depot. Several trains and debris will block the straight line of sight from one side of the map to the other, but the catwalks and building above make perfect vantage points for all the players running around below - a sniper's haven, especially with the Bolt Sniper located over at the control room's roof. The only parts of the map that will have CQB are the rooms at the back and above.

The trains are held up by poles with explosive canisters mounted onto them. When these are shot, they explode and the train will collapse down. Killing an enemy with this method will earn you a dog tag.

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