Orbital Strike is a support bonus in Crysis 2's and Crysis 3's multiplayer.

Crysis 2Edit

It is rewarded after the player has collected 5 Dog Tags. It rewards the player by sending a laser at a target, killing any player in its radius.

Death from far above.

On some maps such as Skyline, the player will not be safe from Orbital Strikes even when they are inside.

Crysis 3Edit

The Orbital Strike returns in Crysis 3 and, just like in Crysis 2, works as a support bonus.

Design Edit

The Orbital Strike looks like a giant red or green beam that hits the selected area and goes in a tight straight line along the map.


  • The device in question that shoots the Orbital Strike could be the Archangel as it works in the same manner.

Gallery Edit

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