Orange (1)
Orange Scout with Gravity Bomb Launcher.

Gravity Bomb Launcher


Self-Destruct on death


1 Ceph

First appearance:

Frozen Paradise

Last appearance:

All the Fury


Crysis Warhead

The Orange Scout is another variation of Alien Scout seen in Crysis Warhead.

Description Edit

The Orange Scout is a variation of the Scouts. It has a distinctive Orange theme, unlike a generic Scout. The Orange version does not carry typical weapons like MOAC, MOAR or Alien Beam like the normal Scouts do. Instead, the Orange kind uses the Gravity Bomb Launcher. It also has less health than its generic counterpart, taken down with two direct hits from the Gauss Rifle. They are also much rarer, only making two appearances in Crysis Warhead.

Fighting Techniques Edit

The Orange Scout flies towards the target and launches all the bombs from the Gravity Bomb Launcher. The Gravity Bombs follow the players and explode. The Bombs are very powerful and can kill the player in a single hit, if in close proximity. To avoid the bombs the player can simply shoot while it is approaching.

Tactics Edit

The Orange Scouts are easy to dispatch, just as easy as the Scouts from Crysis. An Orange Scout is easily taken down with just 2 Gauss Rifle shots. Be careful of the Gravity Bombs as they can kill you if in close proximity. Also, shooting the gravity bombs can easily take down the Orange Scout, or at the very least disable it of any weapons and take down most of its health.

Trivia Edit

  • They do not carry any other weapons except the Gravity Bomb Launcher.
  • The model name of the Orange Scout is "Bomber".

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