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New York City is a city in the state of New York in the United States and the main setting of Crysis 2. It is the largest city in the country and one of the most heavily populated metropolitan areas in the world.

Crysis 2Edit

Main article: Crysis 2

Much of the metropolis fell into war torn ruins as U.S. military forces had been heatedly engaging against the Ceph while C.E.L.L.'s actions had further worsened and mishandled their authority over the civilian population still in the city. Under desperation, the military began flooding the city in the hopes of wiping out the Ceph; however, this was proven fruitless and as a result the lower half of the city is dramatically damaged from the flood. The US Marine Corps under Colonel Sherman Barclay took over C.E.L.L.'s authority over Manhattan and began an effort in evacuating civilians to Grand Central Terminal, the city's primary evacuation point.

On August 25, following the evacuation the Department of Defense had decided to launch a tactical nuclear strike on Manhattan Island, with little regard to collateral damage and nuclear fallout. Fortunately, through the efforts of Alcatraz, the nuclear strike was narrowly aborted as the Ceph within the city was ultimately wiped out from Alcatraz's Nanosuit which turned the Ceph's bio-weapon against its handlers.

Crysis 3Edit

Main article: Crysis 3

In the year 2047, the C.E.L.L created the NYC Liberty Dome over the city to eradicating the last of the Ceph. At this time period, the city was overwhelmed by vegetation with the Ceph still in control. Alcatraz/Prophet, however, still roams around the city, seeking to completely obliterate the Ceph.

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