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Naked Alien
Naked Alien

Melee attack


First appearance:

Core (Crysis)

Shore Leave (Crysis Warhead) (Cutscene)

Last appearance:

Core (Crysis)

Shore Leave (Crysis Warhead) (Cutscene)



Crysis Warhead

Naked Aliens are native Ceph that appear in Crysis and Crysis Warhead.


Naked Aliens, or known in some publications as Ectomorphs, is how they are referred to in Crysis and Crysis Warhead. That is the Ceph's native appearance on their homeworld. They live in an extremely cold, zero-gravity environment and are fast, highly maneueverable and skilled at avoiding gunfire. They are the builders of all of their weapons and vehicles of war, such as MOAC's and MOAR's. They pilot several varieties of Exosuits, like Troopers, Scouts and Hunters. In Crysis 2 they have adapted to earth's environment and are capable of surviving in heat, high-gravity environment.


The Naked Aliens are first seen in Core, when Nomad enters the Ceph Spaceship in the mountain. They fight him while he tries to find a way out. A Naked Alien is seen once in Shore Leave, when Psycho investigates The Container it comes out and knocks him unconscious. This proves that the Exosuits are piloted vehicles.

Fighting TechniquesEdit

Some of the them are armed with Molecular Accelerator's (MOAC's), while others simply charge at the player. Their melee attacks is to rush forward in attack, but, if you are not in armor mode, their attacks can be lethal. The player can grab them just like the KPA soldiers, though this is more difficult since they are very mobile. Weapons and ammunitions are in short supply in the level, so the player must be precise. It is possible to use Cloak mode to sneak up and grab them, but if they are in groups, keeping your distance away may be the best option. Any automatic weapon will work, suggested weapons are FY71, Shotgun and Submachine Gun.

Trivia Edit


Before and after: Naked Alien being shot with a modded Gauss Rifle with the explosive property, leaving nothing behind.

  • When shot with an explosive weapons or ammunitions, Naked Aliens will vanish, rather than leaving their corpses.
  • The Naked Alien has a skeleton model, and it is usable.
  • You can grab one of them and put them next to a terminal, it will open up as if to allow them in, but you cannot put them in. It seems to draw an odd energy from them, seemingly to no gameplay purpose.
  • In Crysis: Legion, Alcatraz comments on these creatures, which he saw in one of the visions he had of Prophet's previous adventures. He speculates they might be a "geek caste", not meant for any actual combat.


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