McTiller Martins

Located near Blackhawk, Colorado


The only science facility that contains nanosuit prototypes.

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McTiller Martins prototype facility is a science facility that produces the nanosuit in Crysis.


The facility's interior is exactly like the prototype factory in the Multiplayer map equivalent, but contains more rooms for testing. McTiller Martins is located in a dry land near Blackhawk, Colorado in the United States. During the winter, harsh snowstorms usually occur, but is still suitable to live at.

During CrysisEdit

The facility produced nanosuits and distribute them to the U.S. Special Forces. The world was unaware of the nanosuits so they were hidden and protected to prevent the people from claiming it. Several KPA forces were able to produce their own nanosuits, possible by stealing a U.S. nanosuit from battle.

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