Karl Ernst Rasch
Biographical information
Death date2047, New York
Physical description
Height6' 0" (1.83 m)
Hair colorWhite
Eye colorBrown
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationHargreave-Rasch Biomedical co-founder
"Major Laurence Barnes... The Prophet. Karl Ernst Rasch, at your service"
—Rasch introduces himself to Prophet at the beginning of "The Root of All Evil" in Crysis 3

Karl Ernst Rasch is the CEO of Hargreave-Rasch Biomedical along with Jacob Hargreave. He is a minor character in Crysis 2 and a supporting character in Crysis 3.


In 1919, Rasch led a scientific expedition to the Tunguska crash site with his business partner Jacob Hargreave and their colleague Walter Gould, where Rasch presumably helped Hargreave steal Ceph alien technology. Through unknown circumstances, Rasch and his two colleagues were the only survivors of the expedition, in which Rasch and Gould were severely weakened and were carried to safety by Hargreave before being rescued by members of the British expeditionary force operating from Vladivostok.

Sometime later, Rasch and Hargreave founded Hargreave-Rasch Biomedical and its subsidiary, CryNet Systems, to develop anti-alien technology. According to Hargreave, Rasch refused to use the technology to artificially extend his life, and so he would presumably be dead by 2023. However, after the events of Crysis 2 when the Ceph were repelled from New York City, Rasch contacts Alcatraz, revealing that he is still alive.

Crysis 3Edit

Rasch is introduced in the third game as the leader of the underground resistance fighting CELL in New York, providing support and knowledge to its field commanders, such as Claire Fontanelli. It was revealed that Rasch used nanotechnology to prolong his life, thus exposing him to Ceph influence. After Prophet unwittingly frees the Alpha Ceph, Rasch disappears, only to be recovered later by Claire and her team. Rasch shows signs of amnesia, but recognizes Prophet on top of the Archangel's control center.

After disabling the Archangel, Rasch is revealed to be a puppet of the Alpha Ceph the whole time, thus explaining his unusual behavior and the scanner block on Prophet's nanosuit. This lead to a fight between Prophet, Psycho, Claire and Rasch. Claire is mortally wounded, but Psycho manages to injure Rasch and frees him of Ceph influence. Rasch buys Prophet and the team time to escape before being killed by the Ceph.


"Am I reaching the Force Recon Marine just recovered in Central Park? The wearer of Jacob Hargreave's nanoshell? Ah, wait, I'm adjusting the feed ... ah! Better! Ahm, allow me to introduce myself: Karl Ernst Rasch, at your service. And you are...?"
—Rasch introduces himself to Alcatraz after "A Walk in the Park" in Crysis 2
"You sound quite... prophetic. Is that intentional?"
—Rasch remarking on Prophet seeing visions about Ceph ending the world in "The Root of All Evil"
"You have something Prophet ... something the Ceph will never have or understand"
—Rasch encouraging Prophet to destroy the Ceph spaceship coming through the Einstein-Rosen Bridge.


  • With Crysis 3, Rasch is the last survivor of the Tunguska incident to have passed away.
  • Being the head of Hargreave-Rasch Biochemical, it is unknown how he was assumed to be dead, given the fact that he was an important figure. While Hargreave was alive, he was the head of the company, and the remaining non-rogue CELL forces. However, after Hargreave dies, and the Ceph are obliterated, Rasch shows up in a CELL helicopter. It is unknown how the power transitioned from Hargreave to Rasch without Hargreave knowing that Rasch is alive. It is also unknown where Rasch was throughout the events of Crysis 1, Warhead, and Crysis 2, or what he was doing. This amount of mass confusion about him makes him the most cryptic character in the entire Crysis franchise.


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