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Hostage also known as Sarah Hanson (According to the Crysis Prima Games game guide) or Caroline Chang (In the game editor) is a CIA agent sent to work with Dr. Rosenthal's Research Team in order to monitor his work. She only appears in Crysis.

Background Edit

Not much is known about her besides being CIA agent for some time prior Crysis events.

During CrysisEdit

After the KPA occupation of the Lingshan Islands, she contacted Langley a week before Raptor Team arrived on the island. She and the other scientists were forced to continue their work by the KPA. At some point, she and Badowski attempted to run from the KPA through the jungle. However, a Ceph Scout killed Badowski and she was captured. She was then held inside Coseco school and was questioned by the KPA. Nomad and Psycho soon rescued her. She refused to return to the excavation site and Psycho took her to a safe evacuation point. Her ultimate fate is unknown.

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