"Able to be detached from its mount, the HMG can be used as a portable weapon of pure carnage but be careful, it's got some kick!"
—In-game description

Production information

Schwarz Systems USA


Heavy machine gun

Technical specifications
Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode

Fully Automatic

Rate of Fire


Ammunition specifications
Ammunition Type

.50 BMG


The HMG (Heavy Machine Gun) is a belt-fed, crew-served mounted heavy weapon developed by Schwarz Systems USA. It is arguably one of the most powerful non-explosive weapon that the player can obtain.


The HMG is a single barrel heavy machine gun that fires the .50 Caliber BMG round. It is a heavy and cumbersome weapon and cannot be used unless it is mounted on a vehicle or a barricade, or carried by a Nanosuit soldier. Its heavy weight is compensated for by its sheer power, and accuracy that surprisingly can get past medium range. The HMG is powerful against any type of enemy infantry, being capable of taking out C.E.L.L. troopers in two shots at close ranges. It is one of the best weapons, besides explosives, against Ceph Heavies and Pingers. It has a built-in reflex sight that simplifies sighting, until it is detached. Like other heavy weapons it can not reload.


Even several decades after the end of the Cold War, the HMG is among the first high-caliber weapons designed from state-of-the-art materials. Manufactured from highly durable carbon fibers, the HMG replaces a class of weapons that have been in service for more than a century in some cases.

Combat TipsEdit

  • The HMG is a weapon that must be obtained as soon one is found. This is one of the best ways to conserve ammo on other weapons.
  • If the player finds an HMG that has more rounds than the one he or she already has, they should switch to it.
  • Dropping an HMG in an elevator will usually, but not always, cause it to disappear.
  • The HMG takes 3 swings to detach from its mount, but Armor Mode reduces it to 1 swing. Switching to Armor Mode for this extra bonus as well as extra protection is recommended. Alternatively, press E to use it, then press your melee key to remove it from its mount by hand.
  • Players cannot access objectives when holding an HMG, so they should simply drop it.
  • Firing from a turret increases its accuracy, but does not give it extra ammo. It is also impossible to reload, unlike the Minigun from Crysis.
  • Aiming with this weapon while holding down the Power button will greatly increase its accuracy. Doing this is recommended due to scarce ammunition.
  • The HMG has superior stopping power and can take down most types of targets. As ammo can be scarce, the player should remember to fire in bursts when facing lightly armored targets and fire it fully automatically when facing armored targets like the Ceph Devastator Units. It only takes 50 bullets can kill a Ceph Devastator in Soldier difficulty.
  • The HMG is a very common weapon, appearing in almost every level.


Accuracy: 5

Rate of fire: 6

Mobility: 1

Damage: 8

Range: 5


  • Hidden in the game files are two unused variants of the HMG: a grenade-launching variant and an auto-turret variant. The grenade-launching variant has the same firing sound as the regular variant, but it shoots grenades instead of .50 BMG rounds. The auto-turret variant is basically a modified HMG that automatically fires at any enemy AI, but has no firing sound. In Crysis 3, they return as the Automatic Grenade Launcher, the AGL, and the C.E.L.L Sentry Gun.
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