Grenade Launcher attachment
Grenade Launcher attachment



Launches Rifle grenades, damage of 250

The Grenade Launcher attachment is an attachment in the Crysis games. It is a device that is put on the underside of a gun, allowing Rifle grenades to be fired.


The Grenade Launcher attachment is used in conjunction with the SCAR, SCARAB, Grendel, and FY71.


Damage: 9


The Rifle Grenades fired from the Grenade Launcher attachment easily exceed the speed and range of Frag Grenades thrown even in Strength mode. However, it is somewhat cumbersome to switch firing modes, whereas throwing a grenade is much quicker. Another difference is the fact that a Rifle Grenade detonates on impact, whereas a Frag Grenade detonates after a certain amount of time.

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