Grabbing is a gameplay element present in all of the Crysis games. It allows the player to pick up objects and enemies and throw them with varying levels of force.

Crysis and Crysis WarheadEdit

In Crysis and Crysis Warhead, grabbing an object will occupy the player's view, and they will not be able to fire their weapon or use any equipment. Holding an object will slow the player down. If the player presses the primary fire button, they will throw the object they are carrying. While using Strength Mode, the player will throw the object much farther than if they were not. However, this will use a substantial amount of Nanosuit energy.

Crysis 2Edit

Grabbing remains virtually unchanged from Crysis in Crysis 2, save for the absence of Strength Mode; should the player want to throw the object farther, they need only hold the primary fire button down until the object is thrown. It will, however, use all the player's Nanosuit energy if the fire button is held down. Differently from the first Crysis and Warhead in the sequel when you grab enemies you hold them for 2 seconds before automaticallly throwing away and instantly killing them.

Crysis 3Edit

Grabbing element stays the same as in earlier games.


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