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Gods And Monsters
Crysis 3 Missions:

Welcome to the Jungle
Root of All Evil
Safeties Off
Red Star Rising
Only Human
Gods And Monsters


"Gods And Monsters" is the eighth and the last mission of Crysis 3.


Prophet loses transmission and awakes in a Ceph hive. At the end, Prophet finally encounters the Alpha Ceph. Prophet then proceeds to destroy it but when he destroys the Alpha Ceph he is pulled in outer space. He then encounters Archangel: the C.E.L.L. satellite which takes power from the world's power grid. Prophet then proceeds to hack it but firing at the Ceph Warship could cause a chain reaction that would destroy the whole world. Prophet fires at the Warship destroying it. He then impacts at the place where the original Ceph were found . He wakes up at a hut in Lingshan. At the hut there is a news broadcast of Tara Strickland telling that C.E.L.L is also one of the world global recovery effort. The Nanosuit now symbiotic then ever and changes it's outer shell to resemble a human body resembling Prophet. He then picks up the dogtags of his fallen teammates and then throws the dogtags in the river thinking of how he sacrificed his humanity and the nanosuit to save the world. He then goes back to the hut saying "They called me Prophet. Remember me".       




See Gods And Monsters/Transcript




  • This is the last mission of Crysis 3 campaign.


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