Gods and Monsters
Crysis 3 Missions:

Welcome to the Jungle
The Root of All Evil
Safeties Off
Red Star Rising
Only Human
Gods And Monsters


"Gods and Monsters" is the seventh and final mission of Crysis 3.


The mission starts in a Ceph hive. Prophet makes his way through the caves and finally encounters the Alpha Ceph. Prophet battles and destroys the Alpha Ceph, but is pulled into space by the Ceph beam.       

In Orbit around the Earth, Prophet is seemingly helpless to stop the Ceph Invasion. In a last attempt to stop the Ceph, Prophet hacks into the Archangel satellite, and uses it to destroy the Ceph Warship. The resulting explosion collapses the wormhole, and Prophet falls back to Earth near the Lingshan Islands, where the original events of Crysis took place.       

Prophet wakes up in a hut, in Lingshan. The Nanosuit, now more symbiotic then ever, changes its outer shell to resemble Prophet's original human body. Prophet reflects briefly, before throwing the dog tags of his fallen comrades into the water. Prophet returns to the hut with a final statement: "My name is Laurence Barnes. They called me Prophet.".       




See Gods and Monsters/Transcript




  • Map name is Cave.


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