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Glitches are interesting and sometimes rare quirks in gameplay and/or mechanics of the game engine found in the Crysis series. There are many glitches in Crysis, some of them are non-beneficial and do nothing but kill the player, some of them give the player a massive amount of advantages, some of them disrupt the player, some of them do not allow him to move, and many more of glitches are yet to be uncovered. Some interesting glitches have been found, though, and allow the player to access otherwise inaccessible places, or are just neat.

Lists of Glitches Edit

Messagebox Info Please post glitches and/or bugs here that are not easter eggs.


  • In Crysis, toggling third person and then back to first person while holding the Hurricane Minigun will trigger the barrels to disappear. Rotating the barrels remedies the glitch.
  • While using mounted weapons, the player will have no body below their waist when viewed in third person.

Crysis 2Edit

  • In Crysis 2, it is possible to carry more than 2 primary weapons. To do this, the player must press the "weapon pick up" button and display the weapon customization menu at the same time.
  • Ammo and weapons may randomly dissapear from the player's inventory. This appears to be the most common with the JAW
  • Some weapons scripted to appear on a level will occasionally not appear.

Crysis 3Edit

  • In Crysis 3, during Chapter 3 (Welcome To The Jungle), when you are at Penn Station area, pick up some R.E.X. Charge and throw it to the upper rusted trains, the charge will then start to fly around the area in a erratic movement.
  • It is possible to clip out of bounds or through solid objects using a heavy fall animation. Simply jump from high enough and get a heavy fall animation close enough to a wall that it will clip you through. Facing directly into the wall is helpful. This is useful for speedrunning and works best on thin, flat walls.
  • By grabbing an object (preferably a large one), it is possible to clip through walls by throwing or dropping it at a specific angle. This is also useful for speedrunning and can work in many different ways (it will not work on every wall). As a general rule, it is better to look down as far a possible when trying this. One method of doing this is to back into a corner, look into one of the walls at a light angle, and throw the object so that it pushes you backwards through the other wall. 
    Crysis3 2016-09-01 20-17-05-49

    An out of bounds area accessible by wallclipping

  • By landing on an angled or curved surface, it is possible to negate all fall damage. This can be tricky to do from great heights but will work even on small objects such as railings.
  • Pushing buttons through walls is possible in Crysis 3 where the level design allows for it. In Chapter 4 (Root of All Evil), there are several instances where you can activate the elevator buttons from outside. After doing so, the elevator will move as intended but the player will stay in the previous area as it unloads.
  • Vent glitch

    Glitched vent in Root of All Evil

    There is a glitch in Crysis 3 that allows the player to stand up and maintain run speed inside vents. To do so, simply run towards the opening of the vent and crouch as soon as you hit the wall. If done correctly, the player will be in a glitched state where they can run through vents and small spaces at normal speed. This glitch works in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Note that though jumping or crouching again will break this glitched state, shooting weapons will not.
  • Crysis3 2016-09-01 19-57-09-29 png

    A fire extinguisher floating in Post-Human

    In Chapter 2 (Post-Human), there are fire extinguishers on the walls throughout the level. Many of these objects will float through the air and pass through solid objects if you pick them up and then drop them. The player can carefully jump onto these and use them to fly at a slow speed. Note that the same can be observed with a washing machine in Chapter 5 (Safeties Off).
  • In Chapter 4 (Root of All Evil), there are yellow items items that can be found both on top of the dam and at the Nexus facility near the end of the mission. These items will fly into the air once damaged and can boost the player across the map or into the sky at great heights.
    Crysis3 2016-09-01 19-42-43-49

    Example of a yellow item in Root of All Evil

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