"New to the Crysis series, this compact and lightweight SMG might just be perfect choice for fast-paced, close quarters combat."
—In-game description
Crysis3 feline
Production information

Lank & Linder


Submachine Gun

Technical specifications
Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition

240 (180+60)

Rate of Fire

1200 RPM

Ammunition specifications
Ammunition Type

4.7mm Compact






The Feline is a submachine gun featured in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3.


The Feline is a European-manufactured submachine gun with high capacity magazine and an impressive rate of 1200 RPM when fired in full auto mode. Developed by British weapon specialists, Lank & Linder, it was introduced in 2019 primarily for specialist law enforcement and armed forces worldwide. As of 2023, the Feline is still considered best-of-class, lauded for its dominating rate of fire and compact, ergonomic bullpup design. This is the best weapon for taking out C.E.L.L. Troopers and light Ceph infantry up close, due to its low spread at close range and that the high fire rate helps with damaging enemies.

The Feline utilizes next-gen 4.7mm pistol ammunition with a relatively short cartridge, similar to the 5.7x28mm firing solution utilized by the FN-P90 submachine gun (also a bullpup). The 4.7mm round shares many properties with rifle cartridges, providing close-range stopping power and superior armor penetration compared to the ammunition normally fired by submachine guns.

Submachine guns are typically used by police against unarmored targets, or as personal defense weapons for military vehicle crews. The 4.7mm round used by the Feline allows the shooter to engage armored as well as soft targets, and the bullpup configuration shortens the weapon's overall length without compromising barrel length. This permits the weapon to be carried by vehicle crews and used in urban combat, but a longer barrel allows the weapon to perform well at range. This makes it more viable as an all-purpose military weapon than a submachine gun. Th

In addition to its compact design, the Feline can mount a number of attachments including a laser pointer and reflex sight to enhance the weapon’s accuracy and combat range.

In Multiplayer, you unlock a C.E.L.L. camouflage for the Feline at Level 50.


Accuracy: 4

Rate of fire: 10

Mobility: 7

Damage: 3

Range: 3


Crysis 3Edit

Feline X3
Production information

Lank & Linder


Sub-Machine Gun

Technical specifications
Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode


Rate of Fire

1200 RPM

Ammunition specifications
Ammunition Type

4.7mm compact rounds






The Feline returns in Crysis 3 as the Feline X3. As in Crysis 2, it uses 4.7mm compact rounds that don't do too much damage from afar, but will wreck house when paired with the massive rate of fire at close range.

Attachments (Crysis 3)Edit

Crysis3 2013-12-21 23-40-57-63

Brawler Skin in multiplayer

  • Iron Sights
  • Reflex Sight
  • Tech Scope
  • Rifle Laser Sight
  • Single Shot
  • Extended Magazines
  • Dual Magazine
  • Silencer
  • Match Barrel
  • Bayonet


Level Attachment Unlocked  

  1.  1       Iron Sights  0 Kills   
  2.  2      Reflex Sight 10 Kills
  3.  3    Suppressor    25 Kills
  4.  4    Assault Scope 50 Kills
  5.  5    Tech Scope    100 Kills
  6.  6    Match Barrel   150 Kills
  7.  7    Extended Magazine 200 Kills
  8.  8    Rifle Laser Sight 250 Kills
  9.  9    Hologram      300 Kills



  • The manufacturer in the game clearly says "Lank & Linder". However closer inspection on the gun says "Scrutch Industries", makers of the SCAR and SCARAB.
  • The text "9MM" is visible on the bottom of the Feline's magazine despite the fact that the Feline uses 4.7mm ammunition.
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