Easy is one of the difficulty settings of Crysis. Easy is mainly for players who have never played first person action games before or who prefer to sight-see.


  • Able to control mounted guns on vehicles while driving
  • Nanosuit has a faster energy recharge time
  • Enemies' AI is much weaker
  • When the player is hit, his/her enemies glow red, revealing their position
  • The player can avoid grenades with the grenade warnings

Capablities Edit

Player Edit

  • Player's energy recharging delay is 1 second. Recharging to maximum energy takes 6 seconds in armor mode while stationary, 7 while moving, and 8 seconds in other Nanosuit modes
  • Player's health regeneration delay is 2.51 seconds, regenerating to maximum health takes 8 seconds in armor mode, 10 while moving, 12 seconds in other Nanosuit modes, and 15 seconds in other Nanosuit modes while moving
  • Maximum strength recoil absorption energy cost is 7
  • Players can control vehicle mounted weapons from the driver seat and tag enemies with binoculars

AI Edit

  • Enemies have a small delay of recognizing before confirming what they see and react slowly
  • Enemies have low accuracy
  • Enemies cannot fire accurately against hiding positions
  • Korean infantry speak English
  • They will quickly appear in the minimap upon attacking the player

Game Edit

  • There is a grenade warning
  • Enemies glow red when they hit the player
  • Lowest number of enemies
Difficulty levels
Easy · Normal · Hard · Delta

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