Delta is the highest difficulty in Crysis. Enemies here may be too strong to be considered realistic. It is recommended for veteran gamers or players who want more of a challenge.


  • The player cannot control vehicle mounted weapons while driving
  • Enemies are hidden and are invisible on the map, forcing the player to find them
  • Enemies speak Korean, and it becomes difficult to understand what they will do
  • Enemies won't glow when they attack the player
  • The player will have normal binoculars, meaning that enemies will not glow in them
  • The Nanosuit will heal the player very slowly
  • The player has no crosshair

Capablities Edit

Player Edit

  • Player's energy recharging delay is 1 second. Recharging to maximum energy takes 6 seconds in armor mode while stationary, 7 while moving, and 8 seconds in other Nanosuit modes
  • Player's health regeneration delay is 2.5 seconds. Regenerating to maximum health takes 25 seconds in armor mode while stationary, 40 while moving, 45 seconds in other Nanosuit modes, and 50 seconds in other Nanosuit modes while moving
  • Maximum strength recoil absorbation energy cost is 7
  • Player can only tag enemies with binoculars

AI Edit

  • They react nearly instantly to anything
  • Enemies have very high accuracy
  • Enemies fire very accurately against hiding position
  • Korean infantry speak their own language, Korean
  • They will not appear in the minimap, unless tagged by binoculars

Game Edit

  • There is no grenade warning
  • Crosshair and simple iron sight have been turned off
  • Highest number of enemies, mostly affects Warhead


  • Delta's filename in the Game directory is "Bauer," most likely a reference to the protagonist of the show 24 Jack Bauer
Difficulty levels
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