Rules of UseEdit

Unrelated images may not be uploaded to Crysis Wiki and hotlinked images may only be used on userpages; this wiki is a Crysis encyclopedia, not Tumblr.

General Edit

  • Make sure that you are not uploading a duplicate file. Note that the filename and extension are case sensitive, so uploading a file called "Crysis.JPG" will not overwrite "Crysis.jpg"
  • Use a descriptive file name. Bad file names include "IMG019272.jpg" and "Nanosuit.jpg". Good file names for these could be "Nanosuit Maximum Strength.jpg" or "Nanosuit Red Color Mod.jpg". Administrators can rename files as necessary.
  • Select the image's license. All screenshots and artwork from the Crysis series are copyrighted, making them being used under fair use. All user-created uploads (fanart) must be released under a free license. Incorrect licensing or lack of a license tag will result in the image being deleted (note: Before uploading fanart, please read this section below).
  • Try to remove logos, watermarks, and unnecessary Internet browser or operating system chrome (e.g., window borders) before uploading images. Watermarks should only be removed by cropping the image or cutting out the section (if it is placed on a solid-color background). Watermarks should never be removed when attached to the image subject, nor should the watermarked section be reconstructed by memory.

Placement Edit

  • Make images on articles no bigger than they need to be.
  • Images should be thumbnails (the |thumb parameter) unless necessary (such as in infoboxes).
  • If an image pertains to the subject but is not already used in the article, you may use a gallery at the bottom of the page, like this (note: Images in galleries are automatically sized and made into a table):
Image:Image1.png|Description of first image
Image:Image2.jpeg|Description of second image
  • Images should not be used in an article more than once. This includes in galleries. If an image is used in the article above the gallery, the image should be removed from the gallery.
Page and File Policies
Categorizing · Criteria for speedy deletion · Images · Impersonal "You" · Leaked information · Manual of style · Naming · Notability

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