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Weapons that appear in Crysis 3 Multiplayer.

Primary WeaponsEdit

Name Type Category Unlock lvl
Scarab Mod 2 Mk.21 Combat Assault Carbine Assault Rifle 5
Marshall Pump-Action Shotgun Shotgun 5
DSG-1 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle 5
O.G.R. Large Caliber Machine Gun Heavy 5
Feline X3 Submachine Gun Sub-Machine Gun 7
FY7 1M FY7 1M Export Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 9
Predator Bow Compound Bow Sniper Rifle 11
Mk.60 Mod 0 Medium Machine Gun Heavy 13
Typhoon Multi-Barrel Stacked Projectile Gun Sub-Machine Gun 15
Takedown Advanced Battle Rifle Assault Rifle 17
Alpha Jackal Tactical Shotgun Shotgun 19
Grendel Mk.24 Heavy Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 21
Gauss Sabot Gun Electromagnetic Anti-Materiel Rifle Sniper Rifle 23
K-Volt Electrostatic Pellet Gun Sub-Machine Gun 25
Scar Mod 2 Mk.20 Superior Combat Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 27


Microwave Incendiary Klystron Emitter Heavy 29

Launcher - Tactical Airburst Grenade




Mk.22 Combat Lightweight Assault Weapon

Light Support Weapon DLC

Semi-automatic Shotgun

Shotgun DLC

Secondary WeaponsEdit

Name Type Category Unlock lvl
M 12 Nova Semi-Automatic Pistol Secondary 5
AY69 Machine Pistol Secondary 11
Hammer II Heavy Semi-Automatic Pistol Secondary 19
Majestic-Six Heavy Revolver Secondary 35


Name Type Category Unlock lvl
M 17 Frag Grenade High Explosive Fragmentation Explosive 5
M34 Flash Bang Concussion Grenade Explosive 7
R.E.X. Charge Remote Explosive Charge Explosive 15
M 18 Smoke Grenade Terephtalic Acid Mixture Explosive 23
JAW Joint Anti-Tank Weapon Explosive 26
M 19 EMP Grenade Electromagnetic Pulse Explosive 31

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