Biographical information
Death dateAugust 16, 2020, died with the ship when it sank
Physical description
Specieshomo sapian
Heightabove 6'ft
Hair colorpartial
Eye colorbrown
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUnited States
RankChief Engineer
BattlesLingshan Islands (and before)
ClassChief Engineer (US Navy)

Chief Engineer is minor character appearing in Crysis.

Storyline Edit

Chief Engineer is first introduced after Nomad is ordered to go and stop the damaged reactor. As Nomad goes through the hallways of the damaged USS Constitution, he finally meets up with the Chief Engineer, who explains to Nomad the situation. Nomad then goes to the reactor room, deactivating the circuit breakers on his way. Once he reaches the reactor, he presses the SCRAM button, but 3 control rods are jammed. Suddenly, 4 Troopers enter the area and start draining power from the reactor, but are quickly dispatched via Helena's transceiver device. Nomad then enters the reactor chamber and pushes down the 3 control rods with Strength Mode. He returns back to the Chief Engineer, who bids farewell to Nomad and decides to stay in the lower decks.

Quotes Edit

"It's Do-or-Die Lieutenant, you need to bottom those control rods"
—Chief Engineer during Reckoning, ordering Nomad to quickly push down the reactor's jammed control rods.
"I'm getting extremely high radiation levels in there, are you sure that suit can take it?"
—Chief Engineer Reckoning, telling Nomad about the high radiation levels inside the reactor chamber.
"You better get up there; it's been an honor to work with you."
—Chief Engineer during Reckoning, biding farewell to Nomad.
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