Ceph Airstrike is a support bonus in the Crysis 2 multiplayer multiplayer. It is rewarded after the player has collected 7 Dog Tags (6 when using Retriever Level II) in a row. It rewards the player by sending in a Ceph Gunship to the map that will kill enemy players. The gunship is armed with an unknown Ceph Autocannon and can unleash a swarm of guided missiles. It is also seen dropping bombs on "Masks Off." The gunship is a high threat to the player.

The Ceph Gunship can be destroyed, shortening the duration for which the it hovers above the battlefield, by shooting at the "nest" of the ship, located below and between the two hover-rings. Effective weapons for achieving this is the M2014 Gauss, JAW or alternatively, the HMG. Upon destroying it, the player is awarded 300 points. The player is rewarded 300 scorepoints for activating the Ceph Airstrike.


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