C.E.L.L. Recon are members of C.E.L.L. that specialize in searching and giving intel to other units. They appear in Crysis 3.

In-game Character InformationEdit

Most C.E.L.L. units hate, even fear, ground combat within the dome. Not so the Scout. These soldiers pride themselves on their ability to make full use of the combat opportunities provided by the dome's unique environment. Fast, covert and lethal, targets often don't see who killed them. For the nanosuit soldier they pose an additional threat - they are the only C.E.L.L. units equipped with EMP grenades counter-measures.


Recon unit wear green fatigue uniform with grey/white camo flak jackets and a black ski mask with blue visor. These guys deploy EMP grenades and will usually flak the player. They are not very durable compared to the Troopers and Enforcers. They mainly use weapons like the SCARAB, Feline, K-Volt, and the Marshall.


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