C.E.L.L. Marksmans or Snipers (as they are called in Crysis 2) are long range units of C.E.L.L. that appear in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3.


Marksmans specialize in sniping enemies from long distances. They wear dark green/blue uniform fatigues with little to no armor. They have a green night vision goggle in their left eye and a black ski mask. They mainly uses the DSG-1 or the Gauss Sabot Gun with the Hammer as the secondary weapon. They have a lower damage threshold than standard soldiers.

There are two variants: Ghillie & standard. The Ghillie variants are seen only in Crysis 3 and mainly in The Root of All Evil where they are covered in a green Ghillie coat using the DSG-1. The regular versions are mainly seen towards the end of Red Star Rising, using the Gauss Sabot Gun. Standard versions also appear in Crysis 2.


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