Assault is a round-based objective game mode. Two teams of six players each fight over five data terminals around the map. One team must defend, and one team must download information to the terminals. A round will be completed when all players are eliminated, or once all data has been uploaded. There are no respawns in this game mode, and each round lasts Two Minutes and 30 Seconds (2:30). The first team to win four rounds will win the game. Standing near a terminal will download the data automatically. Data is downloaded in 10% segments, which is done every 2.5 seconds. It will take 40 seconds for one person to complete an download alone, which is why it's best to have multiple players at multiple terminals. 50 XP will also be earned every five seconds of uploading into a terminal. The two teams in this game mode are Cell Operatives and Marines . There are only three classes available to each team.


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