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Alpha Ceph
Biographical information
Birth dateAugust 17 2020, awakened with nuclear bomb dropped on Lingshan Islands
Death date30 November 2047, killed by Prophet.
Physical description
CyberneticsAlpha Ceph Exosuit
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationEarth Ceph
SpecialtyCommand and Reconnaissance
BattlesLiberty Dome
ClassCollective Consciousness/Hivemind
"The Alpha ceph was way more powerful than I expected."
Prophet, The Root of All Evil

The Alpha Ceph is the main antagonist and final boss in Crysis 3. The Alpha Ceph is the center of the Ceph's collective hivemind on Earth; without it, the other Ceph are mindless animals.


The Alpha Ceph is an organic lifeform like the other Cephs but is enclosed in a exosuit which has a drilling weapon. It looks like a giant snake/worm-like bio-mechanical creature. It is possible that the Alpha Ceph is a Stage 3 warrior that the Ceph only deploy on the final phase of an invasion considering its power, rank and importance.


The Alpha Ceph is the most powerful Ceph presented on Earth (with the exception of the Ceph Spaceship and possibly other lithoships).


The Alpha Ceph mainly uses its size against enemies, though it has three cannons on its head. It possesses huge amounts of energy, is able to control every Ceph alive, and has telekinetic powers much like the Mastermind, except more powerful. It can also use its head as a drill (an instant-kill).


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