Air Friction
Power Module
Unlocked at

1600 Nano Catalyst

Air Friction is a singleplayer Power Nanosuit 2 module that increases control while in mid-air. It is available in both the singleplayer and multiplayer of Crysis 2.


The module increases the player's mobility while in air by performing a second jump in air. The module is located on the Ring Finger (Power Modules) in the Module section and is unlocked for 1600 Nano Catalyst.


  • The second kick is activated automatically a few seconds after jumping.
  • The second jump will not activate while in Stealth or Armor modes.
  • If the player activates Stealth or Armor before jumping and then deactivates it while in mid-air, the second jump will be activated. This fact means that players using Air Friction can effectively jump from any height and live.

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